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Katie GreenKatie Green
16:50 23 May 24
I passed my test second time in Peterborough with the help of Sarah Goodacre. After having a long winded experience with driving and being on and off for 3 years, Sarah was my third instructor and was the best of them all! She was very patient and built up my confidence as a driver. She provided the best tips and advice to ensure I got my pass! 100% recommend
Sudarshan BandiSudarshan Bandi
17:39 08 May 24
I would recommend Glen Redford for Manual driving in Sudbury town.
Afterglow RPAfterglow RP
08:42 07 May 24
Highly recommend, Glen Radford Sudbury helped me pass my driving test and aided with my anxiety. Top instructor.
Tom ChilcottTom Chilcott
18:18 03 May 24
[IPSWICH]Natasha is an incredible driving instructor.Her approach made learning to drive an absolute blast.She tailored each lesson to my needs, providing clear explanations and constructive feedback wherever needed. Thanks to her guidance, I passed my test with flying colours on my first try!If you're looking for a patient, personable and professional instructor who truly cares about your success, ask for Natasha!
Daniel HenryDaniel Henry
14:16 01 May 24
Passed my test today first time just two driver faults thanks to Glen Redford from sudbruy. Was a brilliant instructor was patient and taught me everything I needed to know.
Ryan PaulRyan Paul
13:26 23 Mar 24
Highly recommended Glen Radford. He's based in Sudbury and hes a driving instructor! He's been excellent and has helped me overcome my fear of driving. Excellent guy and top notch lessons, he is very knowledgeable.
Aimee BurroughsAimee Burroughs
09:29 07 Mar 24
Glen Radford Sudbury, great instructor, helped me to pass first time. Taught me a lot and was always very patient. Highly recommend.
Aimee BurroughsAimee Burroughs
09:08 07 Mar 24
Glen Radford from Sudbury. Such a good instructor. Clear and taught me a lot. Helped me to pass first time. Very patient. On a lesson with Glen I could be really chatty or I could have a quiet lesson. It was always down to me. Would highly recommend.
William FranksWilliam Franks
15:14 31 Jan 24
Highly recommended Glen Radford from sudbury. Very patient guy. 5 🌟
Graham BrignullGraham Brignull
21:20 13 Dec 23
shut the school down run by a slave driving bully who has no people skills.
Jason PrestonJason Preston
20:04 18 Nov 23
Would not recommend Steve Hayward he was very rude on my first lesson when I challenged why I am going up to a empty junction to turn right and stop fully when it was clear...he got mad and said I should not be driving and made me drive home... He was teaching a friend at work named Ian at the same time who took about 5-6 attempts to pass his test, should of picked up on that fact... I changed Instructor immediately to Tony Telford and passed with zero minors 1st time. Personally don't like people who can't handle criticism.
Moody LDMoody LD
18:01 16 Nov 23
Would like to acknowledge the wonderful teaching skills of Shaun Youngs in Ipswich. Without his help I would not have passed my driving test today. I highly recommend and thank him, Laxzell Moody
Kim VauxKim Vaux
10:55 22 Jun 23
Today I passed my test with Lorraine. I honestly cannot thank her enough for her patience and faith in me. She has gone above and beyond to always support me and build my confidence. Lorraine is not only a fantastic instructor but a wonderful person. Thank you for everything, I am so grateful.
Janaan KhanJanaan Khan
08:59 19 Apr 23
I passed with Louise! She’s is the best instructor, so calm and caring about how comfortable I was. As I had a bad experience prior with another instructor. I am now such a confident driver with her guidance. Thank you once again Louise ⭐️
Betney JoyBetney Joy
10:14 21 Aug 22
Susan howe has been incredible taking me from no experience to feeling happy and safe on the roads. I will be recommending her to everyone i know
Stacey WoltonStacey Wolton
13:29 13 Jul 22
I passed my test today in Ipswich with 0 driving faults with a huge thanks to Susan.

From day 1 she’s been nothing but amazing , teaches in a very professional manner and is always so calm and friendly , without her I wouldn’t have done this today.

Thankyou Susan , you’ve helped me make my life so much better. I will miss you
Bethany AyandejiBethany Ayandeji
12:40 27 Apr 22
Really great experience and first time pass with Shaun Youngs who taught me well! I recommend this school to anyone wanting to learn 🙂
Ruby SmithRuby Smith
20:33 01 Mar 22
Passed today with only four minors. I really couldn’t of done it without the help of Susan Howe - what an amazing lady, experienced and extremely patient. I couldn’t of done it without her help. A friend for life. Thank-you for changing my life for the better. Thankyou Benson and Susan❤️🚘
Aiden PerkinsAiden Perkins
00:20 19 Dec 21
Amazing experience driving with Ian Cude amazing instructor not a dull moment helped me gain confidence on and off the road! Highly recommend
Jamie ShoemarkJamie Shoemark
12:23 22 May 21
I passed my test with Jonathan Brown and he was great from the first lesson to the last! Very clear with explaining things and helped me understand everything so much better! I never felt uncomfortable to ask a question and he just made learning to drive a very enjoyable experience! I would definitely recommend him to anyone out there!
Finlay ShepherdFinlay Shepherd
11:39 22 May 21
Recently passed my driving test with Jono, and I honestly couldn’t recommend anyone more. He wasn’t only excellent and teaching me to drive but also very good at dealing with nerves. He made driving lesson enjoyable and will genuinely miss having lessons with him. He is also one of the most kind and genuine people I have met. Have already recommended him to several friends and will continue too. Therefore, I 100% recommended Jono, to anyone who’s looking to learn to drive. Thank you once again mate.
Finley TaylorFinley Taylor
19:44 13 May 21
my driving instructor was so good, jono was kind and helped along the way to passing my test today, he was fab! Cheers bud
Missy DanielsMissy Daniels
18:23 06 May 21
Had Ian as my driving instructor and cannot recommend him enough! Fantastic teacher and I passed first time today
Ryan HarbinsonRyan Harbinson
10:02 18 Dec 20
I had Ian, and I couldn’t recommend him more, he was so helpful and friendly and a really good instruct, I couldn’t have done it without him, thank you very much
Charlie StewardCharlie Steward
09:13 17 Dec 20
Thanks to Ian I’ve been able to pass my driving test, 4th attempt. Previously I had a different instructor who made me feel anxious and unsure of myself. However Ian has allowed my confidence to grow and help me to pass. Amazing Instructor 10/10 👍
Scarlett PtaszynskiScarlett Ptaszynski
20:45 28 Nov 20
I 100% recommend Bensons to any news drivers!! I had Ian and he was one of the most down to earth, calm, caring and funniest guys I’ve ever met. He’s such an incredible instructor, allowing me to pass with just 2 minors. I enjoyed every single one of our lessons and miss them dearly!!
Sarah MooreSarah Moore
18:04 28 Oct 20
I would definitely recommend Ian Cude who taught my son. He’s passed first time today with just one minor! He taught my eldest son too, who also passed first time. Amazing for both boys, giving them confidence and self belief! Can’t say thank you enough! 😊
George PrykeGeorge Pryke
11:08 22 Oct 20
My driving instructor Susan Howe was the best I could have asked for! Susan allways made me feel calm and safe during lessons, whilst also helping me identify key points and improving upon them to get a ZERO minor PASS!! Would recommend to anyone feeling slight nerves and wants to get it done. Thanks Susan!!!
Dannielle MiddletonDannielle Middleton
19:35 25 Sep 20
I passed 1st time on Tuesday with no minors, thanks to Ian Cude, he is brilliant instructor! He is supportive and a great laugh I throughly enjoyed my lessons and always looked forward to them, he always believed in me even if I didn’t think I could do it. I can not recommend him enough. Thank you Ian ☺️
Jane WilsonJane Wilson
17:16 25 Sep 20
My daughter passed her test first time today with Ian Cude. What a thoroughly lovely man, who was supportive and encouraging throughout. Isabella looked forward to her lessons along with Ian’s great sense of humour. He gave her confidence in herself and great self belief. He was organised and helpful throughout. I would recommend Ian wholeheartedly. Thank you Ian and Bensons.
Toni PittToni Pitt
15:55 19 Sep 20
Very disappointed to have seen a lone Benson driving instructor driving whilst using his mobile phone yesterday. This was about 17.00 hours in heavy traffic just outside of Sudbury. Not only that but in one instance took his remaining hand off the wheel to put his sunglasses on. Not the sort of example that he should be setting.
Shipra MondalShipra Mondal
14:35 19 Sep 20
The pricing is affordable, and my instructor Jonathan Brown is very patient and supportive! He knew how anxious driving made me, and thanks to him I gained confidence in my own ability. He challenged me to adapt to different situations, and gave the encouragement I needed. Highly recommend him as an instructor!
Kelly X Megan SmithKelly X Megan Smith
21:21 14 Sep 20
Jonathan brown is such an amazing instructor I honestly could not of passed my test without his help, he's a very patient instructor his lessons are enjoyable but also educational and he makes sure your 100% ready for your test before even suggesting it. I highly recommend him if your just starting out.
Harriet ClarkHarriet Clark
11:22 03 Sep 20
I passed my test yesterday first time with Mark Brown. He is an excellent instructor and was very supportive and helpful especially leading up to my test. I highly recommend him!
Tallulah WyardTallulah Wyard
12:00 18 Aug 20
Had a brilliant driving experience with Ian Cude, passed first time with 1 minor! He was so supportive of me throughout my learning experience and expressed complete belief in me that I could succeed. Would 100% recommend!
Logan SimonsLogan Simons
10:51 16 Aug 20
Started with one instructor who I didn’t feel helped me as much, but when I moved to Bensons with Wayne Monk there was immediate progress, the way he explained everything and handled my mistakes just built my confidence so much. Could not fault him in any way, would highly recommend.
Sam BrightSam Bright
12:19 12 Aug 20
I passed my test today with instructor Ian Cude. Hands down the best instructor anyone could ask for. So understanding and an overall absolutely amazing guy. Highly highly recommend him to anyone looking to learn to drive.
Reece Thomas LewisReece Thomas Lewis
09:02 21 Jul 20
Firstly, I would like to say a huge thank you to my driving instructor (Susan Howe) for teaching me how to drive in a automatic car. She has taught me from the beginning to the end and I have passed first time. Personally, she has helped me so much in terms of my confidence, knowledge and experience.

If you are someone who is looking to learn to drive in a automatic car, I would strongly recommend Susan Howe. She is kind, patient and a lovely person to get on with. I couldn’t ask for a better instructor.

Thank you so much again Susan!
Jessica Easter AnsellJessica Easter Ansell
10:41 12 Mar 20
I passed first time with Jon Challis after only 3 months. He helped me massively and helped me pass ASAP! Thank you for your help, very appreciated!
Charlotte PageCharlotte Page
16:15 07 Mar 20
Couldn’t recommend Kevin Carroll enough! He is the only reason I passed my test with his patience and help every step of the way! One the nicest driving instructors I’ve met and the best in the Essex/Suffolk area 🙂
Hannah CooperHannah Cooper
15:48 06 Mar 20
I had a wonderful time with Benson but I honestly cannot thank Ian Cude enough for all of his support and patience throughout my driving experience. Despite me being naturally anxious and hesitant, there was never a time with him where I didn’t feel assured of my safety and I always felt comforted by his extensive expertise. He is a truly dedicated instructor, who would always go the extra mile to make sure I got exactly what I wanted and needed from my experience - that is rare and I’m most grateful for that. I am so appreciative for all of his kind and compassionate words and advice that helped me to eventually believe in myself just as much as he believed in me. I genuinely had a brilliant time learning with Ian and without him, I would have never believed I could achieve a first-time pass. I would highly recommend him (and already have) to anyone wanting to learn to drive, especially those looking for a knowledgable, supportive and considerate instructor. Thank you again Ian!
Susie HucksteppSusie Huckstepp
20:24 05 Mar 20
i passed first time in ipswich yesterday with Avril Creamer. can not recommend her highly enough. what a brilliant teacher. so patient and understanding of my anxiety etc. more than that though she takes the time to teach you the way that you learn best. She cares. Shes fab! thankful to have learnt and passed with her 🙂 bensons all the way!
Jack GillettJack Gillett
14:09 04 Mar 20
Passed today with Jonathon Brown. Great guy in general, who makes you feel very comfortable in the car and is very good at helping you improve on areas which need work. One of the most genuine people I think I've ever met and definitely makes the learning enjoyable too. Will definitely be recommending him to friends/family as he was brilliant. Cheers Jono!
Arthur LambArthur Lamb
19:09 01 Mar 20
I learnt with John Brown several months ago - he was a very good instructor, clear and good at explaining things esp when I had questions, and really made me feel relaxed and comfortable in the car. He was very easy to schedule with too! I genuinely enjoyed our lessons and feel he set me up for independent driving exceedingly well. Recommended!
Tyler KimptonTyler Kimpton
13:49 12 Feb 20
got me my pass today and i could not recommend a better person for the job.
Courtney SmithCourtney Smith
20:57 05 Feb 20
So today I passed my test with Louise Radley!! She was amazing after going to loads of instructors with other driving schools and thinking I could never pass Louise made me feel confident and has so many good skills and different ways of learning... Thankyou so much!! ❤️
Patryk LewińskiPatryk Lewiński
18:07 02 Feb 20
Only just saw one of the Bensons cars crossing two red lights on one of the bussiest roundabouts in Colchester! Great example for new drivers.
Sameer RashidSameer Rashid
14:56 31 Jan 20
Can’t recommend Steve Hayward enough. Genuinely cares about his pupils, is very passionate and is very dedicated to his craft. Passed with 4 minors. He even gave up his Christmas Eve to prepare me for my test. If you need an instructor Steve is the person to go to!!!
Brooke PageBrooke Page
11:15 22 Jan 20
A MASSIVE Thankyou!
You’ve easily made this journey for me a pleasure!
Not only put all of ur patients into me but given me all of the confidence I needed🥰.
Passed with 1 minor. Couldn’t have done it with out you!!
@ Becky Rose Adi
Jared CoulterJared Coulter
19:23 16 Jan 20
Great Person to teach you to drive. Would highly recommend.
Andrew QuarrellAndrew Quarrell
11:21 23 Dec 19
Just passed my test, massive thank you to Shane Cockman for teaching me brilliantly. Always very calm, reliable and just an approachable and friendly dude!
Rogério CarvalhoRogério Carvalho
10:50 04 Dec 19
Just passed my test, thanks to the great help of Steve Hayward. Knowledgeable, calm and an overall great guy. Highly recommend his services. Having just moved to the UK, he helped me navigate the transition and gave me the confidence needed, even working with me through my crazy work schedule.
Juliette MoussarieJuliette Moussarie
02:20 01 Dec 19
I just want to thank Jono for being such a wonderful driving instructor. I have had a few quite bad experiences with driving instructors in the past so I was all the more delighted to continue learning with him. The car is always kept in super clean condition and Jono is a very calm, positive, patient and a well experienced instructor, who I would thoroughly recommend!!
Grace SmithGrace Smith
20:01 30 Nov 19
I passed my test yesterday first time, but I would not of been able to do so without my amazing driving instructor Ian Cude. It took a lot of time and effort on both of our behalf’s for me to overcome my nerves, my fears and to help boost my confidence immensely. I’m so Grateful for his teaching, guidance and advice over the past year I would never of been able to do this without him. Cannot recommend Ian Cude enough.
Michał KaMichał Ka
12:16 22 Nov 19
I would like to recommend Jonathan Brown! he is perfect driving instructor. I has bad experience with different driving school and Jonathan show me better way to pass my test 🙂 highly recommended. Thank you Jonathan! 🙂
Shannon JonesShannon Jones
08:21 09 Nov 19
So I passed my test on Tuesday and I couldn’t have done it without the help of Kirsty Bolton!!! She was helpful inside and outside of the car and her kind and calming approach got me to calm my nerves. I would highly recommend Kirsty to anyone who asks as she is fantastic with everyone!!
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