Become a Driving Instructor

TRAIN TO BECOME A DRIVING INSTRUCTOR with Benson School of Motoring (Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency approved)

The name BENSON has been associated with Driving Instructor Training since 1988.

We like to train our own instructors to achieve the high standards necessary and to run a successful business however, we are also keen to meet competent qualified and partly trained instructors with a view to joining us.

We train around the Official Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Syllabus for the three examinations needed.

We train you to run a successful business and offer excellent franchise opportunities with tuition vehicles owned by the school or yourself for full or part-time positions.

All of our training is “pay as you go” and this means that we do not ask you to pay for the training costs upfront. We offer the opportunity to “TRAIN NOW – PAY LATER” which means that we train you at no cost and then you start monthly repayments of £50 after 12 months. In some cases, we even offer FREE training.

The Job

Becoming a driving instructor is more than a job; it’s a career and working as a driving instructor is incredibly rewarding both personally and financially. Its something I (John Benson) started in 1987 and it’s something I’ve never regretted.

It’s a “clean and tidy” job and taking a young pupil with no driving experience to a successful driving test pass is one of the most amazing feelings ever. There’s a good sense of camaraderie within Benson School of Motoring what with the back up of our office and shop and its 4 full time staff and also amongst the about 100 instructors that work here. It’s a good team.

What you can earn

Your income is dependent on the hours that you work but if you start and work a 40-hour week, and teach in a manual vehicle you should receive £1400 (£1480 teaching in an automatic vehicle) based on our hourly charges of £35 or £37 per hour.

There are obviously expenses such as the car payment to us or your own car purchase and fuel etc but your gross weekly income should be about £900 to £1000. And that’s based on working just 40 hours.

You can work as much or as little as you want and remember, hopefully this isn’t all about the money. It’s a good job financially but it’s also very personally rewarding. A person coming into this profession for the passion will always be a better instructor than one coming in “just for the money”.

Costs and getting started

Again, we do not ask for full training fees in advance. Our costs are generally cheaper than other establishments because we only train instructors that will be working with us.

Although considerably less training fees are charged you will receive the best standard of training that we can possibly supply.

All we require from trainees is a deposit of £295 (part one training fees). This covers training manuals, books and evening classes.

Part two training is charged at £35 per hour, and you pay for each lesson as you take them. To give you an idea of training generally taken, we find that about 25 hours for part two is normal (some people needing more, some less).

Part three training is again paid for as you take each lesson, again at £35 per hour. You will almost certainly need to take a minimum of 40 hours probably more.

Although you should already have substantial knowledge of subjects covered within the part one and part two examinations part three will almost certainly be something new to you. You must therefore budget for a minimum of 40 hours.

1988 to (so far) 2023

John Bensons first licence and the most recent

Contact us by telephone on 0800 019 0800 or email me, John Benson directly at to arrange a meeting.


John Benson