Pupil Testimonials


After quitting with my previous and unreliable driving instructor I changed to Benson School of Motoring. Jeanette was never late and I found that the quality of the lessons were outstanding. Jeanette went out of her way to make driving lessons something to look forward to. She was friendly and very easy to talk to, yet also professional in how she presented herself.

Letty Tidy



Amazing Instructor

Before I started my driving lessons with Jeanette, I was taking lessons with a different instructor who just seemed to disappear off the face of the earth hence why I started with Jeanette. I needed to pass my test ASAP as I was a single parent, caring for two sick parents and needed to get back and forth to Cambridge for university.
Jeanette started my lessons straight away and would go the extra mile to put in lessons which were either really early, or at times other instructors may have seen as inconvenient. She also helped me with my nerves, which I have always struggled with.
I really appreciated Jeanette’s approach to teaching. Each instruction had the reason why that command was important, so there was thought behind every action. This is what has stayed with me since passing my test and helped me stay a safe driver.
Jeanette is a lovely woman and an amazing instructor who goes above and beyond for her pupils. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Sam Cook



A Breath of Fresh Air

I want to say how Jeanette has been an amazing driving instructor. I had lessons 10 years ago but gave up as I felt I wasn’t confident but decided earlier this year I needed to start up again, having seen Benson around my area I thought I would get in contact and I’m so pleased it did.
Jeanette has been brilliant with me she made me feel confident and believe in myself and always went that extra mile. If I needed Jeanette she was always a phone call away.
As I got more and more confident I booked my practical test and then went onto passing first time, now I can drive my family around to the high standard I got taught.
Thank you again Jeanette without you I wouldn’t be where I am today.




From the minute I got into the car she made me feel as ease

Jeanette is a passionate driving instructor who is always willing to go that extra mile in order to ensure her pupils succeed. During my lessons with Jeanette not only did she teach me how to drive she also taught me about the way a car works and the safety of the road. From the minute I got into the car she made me feel as ease. Her bubbly personality became apparent in my driving as she made me feel comfortable and confident. I’m extremely grateful that I got to pass my driving test with Jeanette and can’t deny that miss my lessons.

Sofie Taylor

South Woodham Ferrers


Great Instructor!

Kam has been amazing! He is a great instructor, helping me to keep calm and stay confident. I gave up lessons for 11 years after starting with a local driving school, they couldn’t offer me the help and support to pass the theory and I was so glad when I booked with Kam who helped out from day one with theory study and practice on the hazard perception. I would definitely recommend Kam to anyone looking to learn to drive!

Tara Huntingford

Bishops Stortford


Benson came highly recommended from friends on Facebook

Really good instructor, patient and easy-going. I had failed 4 other tests with another driving school in Stevenage. When I moved back to Harlow I looked for a local driving school and Benson came highly recommended from friends on Facebook who had learnt with them in the past. I booked in with Kam and I passed first time after 6 weeks of driving with him. I would highly recommend him to anyone, his knowledge and skills make him the best instructor I have ever had.

Andy Smyth



We Passed!

We’d like to say a big thank you to Kam Man from Benson’s driving school for passing the two best sisters. Kam is the only person I’d ever recommend not only to be your instructor but he became a good friend. I started my lessons with a Kam as I needed someone who could fit my lessons around my shift work. At times it was difficult for lessons but Kam was very understanding and helped out big time to fit my lessons in!
My sister did start her lessons with a private instructor first who after 3 lessons had an accident and could no longer work so she was passed onto another driving school but after 25+ hours she felt she was not progressing quickly. She at last booked in with Kam and after one lesson he booked her test and then got Jodee passed in 6 weeks!!

Ronnie & Jodee Pask



KAM IS THE BEST DRIVING INSTRUCTOR! He helps you stay calm at all times and is always there to help. I had the pleasure of being taught by Kam and I will actually miss my driving lessons! If I ever needed anything he would only be a phone call any! I have recommended him to most of my friends and they are all very happy! He also thought my older brother too and we both passed 1st time!




I can never thank Gary enough for giving me my independence

I heard so many good things about Gary Webb from Benson driving school, and still do!
I never really had any intention of driving, never really thought it was something I was going to achieve, until I met Gary and he said… why not?
Gary had such a calm presence he instantly made you feel at ease, he didn’t feel like an instructor although he always remained professional, this made the driving journey so much easier. He had such a positive attitude and nothing was too much trouble to repeat until we perfected it.
To this day if I become nervous in situations I just think what would Gary say, ” slow down and take your time about it” Easy!
I can never thank Gary enough for giving me my independence. He comes highly recommended.
Thank you Gary – You are a legend!

Kayleigh Morales Brown



Progress was made with every lesson!

About 9 years ago I first started taking driving lessons. I didn’t get on particularly well with my instructor. Every lesson we’d be pointlessly driving country roads and if I was to make an error or stall the car he’d shout (which wasn’t particularly helpful!).
Several years later I decided to take up lessons again. I found Gary to be an extremely encouraging instructor, and I’d feel myself progressing with each lesson.
Thankfully I’ve now passed my test and I owe a lot to Gary for restoring my confidence and having faith in me.

Riki Frost



Gary had me passed a lot quicker than i had hoped for

After having lessons then stopping. i decided to start up again, i started with Gary from Benson school of motoring. Gary had me passed a lot quicker than i had hoped for I only had 12hrs and I passed first time with only 2 minor driving faults. He was always friendly and would help you if you didn’t understand something, he would always work around my works hours and explained everything in an easy understanding manner I would highly recommend Gary.

Scott Cooper



If I would have known how good Gary was, I would have passed ages ago

I started driving September 2013 with Mutlows, after a year and 4 failed tests I decided to have a break for a little while. I was then recommended by Beth Allen to start driving with Gary as he was a very good instructor. I messaged Gary on Friday 29th May started driving with him Thursday 4th June. He was very calm and spoke clearly. On 17th July I had my test and passed with 1 minor with only 12hrs with Gary, I would recommend Gary to anyone, if I would have known how good Gary was, I would have passed ages ago.

Faye Rice


I would highly recommend Gavin as an instructor!

I passed my test in January 2015 after having 3 months of lessons with Gavin. He gave me the confidence and knowledge to pass my theory and practical tests first time. I would highly recommend Gavin as an instructor for drivers of all ages and previous experiences.



Gavin is extremely patient and he made me feel at ease

Gavin is a fantastic driving instructor who really knows what he is doing. Not only does he instil confidence in you, he also believes in your driving ability. Gavin is extremely patient and he made me feel at ease whilst learning to drive my specially adapted motability drive from wheelchair vehicle. His knowledge of both the vehicle and rules of the road coupled with his infectious personality made learning to drive an extremely enjoyable experience.

Ben Dack



I passed 1st time with just 3 minors!!! Gavin is a brilliant driving instructor

I’m Tracey and leaving learning to drive until I was 37 years old meant that I had no confidence and was really scared to start learning to drive. I met my driving instructor Gavin… He instantly put me at ease. I was very nervous but he talked me through everything! He talked me through my theory test and I passed 1st time, when it came to my driving test I was so worried, he talked me through and said I could do it, I asked him to sit with me on my test, as I had so much confidence of Gavin teaching me to drive, I passed 1st time with just 3 minors!!! Gavin is a brilliant driving instructor and would highly recommend, he talks and calms you down!!!

Tracey Church