Pre 17 Lessons and Courses

Are you under 17 and tall enough to reach the pedals of a car?
If you are, you can drive.

In the hands of the Benson School of Motoring expert instructors, in dual controlled cars you can learn to drive. Learning car control skills to give you an early advantage towards your driving test.

Spread your learning over a period to suit you and then continue on the road with our learner lessons.

The sessions are progressive and you learn new subjects with each visit including all of the driving test manoeuvres. You can learn most of your driving skills while you are waiting to be 17.

We hold regular pre 17 sessions ( monthly ) in the Earls Colne area, visit to see more information or call us on 01787 259684.

We also hold them in Ipswich, visit to see more information or call us on 01473 206730 or feel free to use our free contact number 0800 019 0800 or use our contact form.