Before You start Your Driving Lessons

Before anything else

So you’ve made up your mind, you want to learn to drive. Learning to drive is a great new skill and will allow you to have a whole new level of independence. Unfortunately driving does come with responsibility and it is vital you are taught how to drive safely and responsibly which in turn will make you a safe driver for life.
The first thing needed to do is to get a provisional driving licence.


You must make sure that your eyesight meets the basic requirements before you start your lessons.
One of the easiest ways to test your eyesight is to try and read a number plate at the required distance of no less than 21 metres, if you are unable to read the number plate you should visit an optician before starting to drive.
It is your responsibility to ensure that your eyesight meets the minimal requirements every time you drive. Your instructor will test you and the driving examiner will also test you at the start of your practical test.

Applying for your provisional licence

You can apply for your provisional licence from the age of 15, but you cannot use it for driving lessons until you reach 17 years old. Although, if you receive Disability Living Allowance at the higher rate, it is possible to receive your provisional licence when you are 16.
The Driver and Vehicle Licensing Agency issue driving licences and you can pick up an application form from any Post Office or order one here
After completing your form send it to the appropriate office, remembering to include a passport-type photograph as all provisional licences are now issued as photo card licences.
Once you have received your provisional licence, check the details are correct. If not, contact the DVLA.