(Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency approved)

The name BENSON has been associated with Driving Instructor Training since 1988.

We like to train our own instructors to achieve the high standards necessary to run a successful business. However we are also keen to meet competent qualified and partly trained instructors with a view to joining us.

We train around the Official Driver and Vehicle Standards Agency Syllabus for the three examinations needed.

Upon qualifying we train you to run a successful business and offer excellent franchise opportunities with tuition cars owned by the school or yourself for full or part-time employment.

All of our training is “pay as you go along” and this means that we do not ask you to pay for the training costs upfront. We sometimes offer the opportunity for persons to “train now and pay later” or in some cases even free training.

What you can earn

When you start working with us It will be as a Franchised Driving Instructor within Benson School of Motoring. You will pay to the Company a flat weekly fee 50 weeks of the year (you may take as many weeks holiday as you wish but two weeks are franchise fee free)

If you decide to have a company owned tuition vehicle

You will usually receive a period of very low weekly fees (between 4 and 52 depending on which position you take) and as low as £5 per week. This will enable you to build up your new position before paying the full weekly fee. Your full fee, depending whether you are part or full-time, will be from as little as £75 (part-time) but usually about £250 per week (full-time).

Company supplied tuition vehicles are mainly Peugeot 208, 1.4 turbo diesel, although we also use Ford and Vauxhall vehicles to maintain a semi-standard impression.

Whilst the company pays for all normal running costs, you will be responsible for the fuel costs. The use of the car is for personal use too.

If you decide to purchase your own tuition vehicle

Your weekly payments to the company shall be less to enable you to meet the purchase costs of the vehicle. The advantages of owning your own car are extra tax relief benefits and of course you shall own an asset which can be sold or traded on later.

Your earnings are from the lesson fees you charge. our recommended hourly rate charge is £24 but you are permitted to charge anything up to a maximum price of £27. You keep ALL lesson fees

Some lesson fees are discounted by £1 per hour for pre-paid fees etc. We also charge just £25 to pupils for the first lesson as the concession we make for most new pupils.

Examples of earnings (using company owned car)


20 hours at £25.00 per hour = £500. Minus weekly fee at £170 and fuel at about £1.50 per hour of tuition = Gross £300


40 hours at £25.00 per hour = £1000. Minus weekly fee £250 and fuel at about £1.50 per hour of tuition = Gross £690

This is at the lower rate of £25.00 per hour and calculated at just 40 hours. Obviously the higher rates will mean more income as will the more hours you work. (Some fees may vary.)


We do not ask for full training fees in advance. Our costs are generally cheaper than other establishments because we only train instructors that will be working with us. This allows you the continual assurance that if at any time during your training for the first two tests that you decide you do not want to continue, then you will not be held responsible for training fees.

Although considerably less fees are charged by us you will, nonetheless, receive the best standard of training that we can possibly supply.

All we require from trainees is a deposit of £295 (part one training fees). This covers books, our training manuals, theory CD and evening classes.

Part two training is charged at £30 per hour, and you pay for each lesson as you take them. To give you an idea of training generally taken, we find that 20 hours for part two is normal (some people needing more, some less).

Part three training is again paid for as you take each lesson, again at £30 per hour. You will almost certainly need to take a minimum of 40 hours probably more.

Although you should already have substantial knowledge of subjects within the part one examination and of course already be a driver of quite some experience; the part three instructional ability examination will almost certainly be something new to you. You must therefore budget for a minimum of 40 hours).

How to get started

Contact us by telephone on 01376 347177 or freephone 0800 019 0800 or by e-mail to arrange a meeting.

You can meet us either at our office or in your home town.
Please bring your driving licence and any questions you may have relating to training and working with us in the future.

Many potential trainees bring their wives or husbands too as they will almost certainly be involved in helping you with your training and the running of your franchise.
This provides a good opportunity for you both to meet the people with whom you will be working in the future.

I look forward to meeting you soon.

John Benson ADI