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Instructor Testimonials

Here are some testimonials from some of our instructors past and present.


Andy CourtMotorcycle training instructor

Andy Court Commenced work 2000

I joined Benson School of Motoring in April 2000 after working for BSM for some 6 previous years. I have never been happier. The grass is not just greener but absolutely lush, the “other side of the fence”! After working with the other side I can sincerely say Benson School of Motoring are the best! Since 2005 I have taken up partnership with John Benson and now run Benson Motorcycle Training.


Ken Keene

Ken Keene (owner of Ken’s School of Motoring) Commenced work 2001

John Benson personally trained me and I worked for the company for over 2 years before leaving and starting my own driving school. John and his office staff are very helpful and we both still work very close. For training and for a good company to work for I couldn’t recommend them enough.



steve hicks






Steve Hicks Commenced work May 2005

After I suffered an industrial accident whilst employed by British Telecom and being unable to carry on within that profession I looked into becoming a driving instructor. I initially started my training with Lets Drive but it became evident that the training and work was not as I had expected. Since joining Benson and both training and working for them, I can genuinely recommend them to anyone. I regularly teach in excess of 50 hours each week and am proud to be associated with Benson School of Motoring.


steve green


Steve Green






Steve Green Commenced work 1998

I worked for BSM for a short while before joining Benson. I was not happy with my workload at BSM but was always seeing Benson cars around. I met John Benson after one of his instructors at a test centre gave me a business card. I have never looked back! I am always busy and regularly top 50 hours per week. My car is changed on a regular basis and over the last 17 years or so I have never had reason to complain.


kam man

Kam Man Commenced work 2011

Benson School of Motoring were recommended to me when I first looked in to becoming a driving instructor in 2011. The training to both become an instructor and to run your position is excellent. I soon qualified and was soon working long hours. In November 2013 I made the mistake of taking the advice of an independent instructor and left the company and started my own driving school. That was a big mistake. I returned to Benson School of Motoring in April 2014 and I have not regretted it one bit. I’m always busy and was awarded the company trophy for the most test passes in 2014 (53) and receive an excellent service from this great driving school.


Jeanette Brandrith

Jeanette Brandrith Commenced work 2014

Since joining “Team Benson” in March 2014 the training I have received has been second to none. I passed Part 1, 2 and 3 of the ADI Training Programme all first time and all within 8 months. After 5 months of qualifying I also had my first Standards Check and was Graded an “A” grade Instructor. I couldn’t have done it without all the support from everyone and being a working mum means I have the best of both worlds.


sam mallett

Sam Mallet Commenced work 2015

I was in the same old retail job for 20 years but always wanted to be an instructor. I saw an advert in the local job centre; decided to go for it and the rest is history. It’s the best decision I’ve ever made. Since starting training with Benson School of Motoring in November 2014 and then starting work in July 2015 I have received continuous support and encouragement. The training has been outstanding and would like to thank everyone at Benson for giving me this opportunity.


Paul Anthony

Paul Anthony Commenced work April 2013

I have worked for Benson School of Motoring since April 2013. I am extremely happy; the office staff are helpful and they provide me with new pupils whenever I have to ask for them. The training programme at Benson School of Motoring is second to none. I was able to learn around my previous job and I couldn’t ask for more and with the support and guidance I was given by Paul Beck and the team of trainers and instructors I felt part of a very successful team from the outset. There is no cutting corners and I’m so glad I chose my new career with Benson School of Motoring.


Gavin Leech

Gavin Leech Commenced work 2011

Having spent 25 years in retail and rapidly approaching my mid forties a change of career was called for and that fitted around my family’s needs. I had for many years fancied being a driving instructor but never pursued the dream. After a lot of Internet “searching” I settled on Benson School of Motoring and have not looked back. The training package delivered by Paul Beck and his team was superb and support from the office and John Benson himself is second to none. I now run the DISABILITY TUITION side of the company and recently signed up for 10 further years with Benson School of Motoring a company that knocks other driving schools out of the ball park…. 

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Kevin Carrol

Kevin Carroll Commenced work 2004

When I first started training to become a driving instructor I trained with another instructor trainer. Unfortunately I failed at the third and final attempt of the then DSA’s test and could not by law continue. I then approached John Benson and he offered to personally train me. I can say that without John’s help and support I would not be an ADI today and I say that in complete sincerity after spending 11 years as an instructor with him. It’s a great company to work for and if you require any advice the office staff are always at hand to help. In all the year’s that I have worked for the company I have never been short of work. I would have no hesitation in recommending Benson School of Motoring a company that continues to go from strength to strength while remaining top employers.


Gary Webb

Gary Webb Commenced work 2009

I started training to become a driving instructor in 2008 because I was unhappy with my then job. I learned to drive with Benson School of Motoring when I was 17 and it seemed the obvious company to go to especially as all you see is Benson cars driving around. I trained alongside my then job and started working part-time at first to make sure I was suited to driving instructing. It didn’t take long for me to realise that this was the job and company for me so I went full-time and left my old job. I can say hand on heart that I have never looked back. I love my job and although I’m my own boss I always have the back up of this successful driving school. The office and John Benson himself are only a phone call away and they are happy to help with anything. I am always busy and have supported my wife and two children well over the last about 7 years. I have been graded by the DVSA as a grade “A” instructor so that shows just how good the training was and that I received. The company is run to a very high standard compared to the many others which is why I would highly recommend Benson School Of Motoring. In May 2014 they purchased a new town centre office and shop in Braintree and its great to just go in and talk to a friendly face for advice or even for just a coffee. I can see me spending many more years with the company.


Liam Larter

Liam Larter Commenced work April 2015

I worked at Costa coffee for five years until about in September 2014 and was thinking “is this it”? I found myself at a lost end until one day I served 1 of the Benson School of Motoring trainers. I told the trainer that I loved working with and talking to people but it was not enough. I wanted to work around my family instead of working around Costa and I said ‘I could see myself doing that’. After a long chat he signed me up and I have never looked back and wake up every day looking forward to going to work (if you can call it that due to I love to learn and love to teach). The training and the support is amazing. I started work in April 2015 and the support from Mr Benson and the school in general is second to none. If I was not for the school I would still be lost in life instead now I have a better family life, savings and amazing career.


Bill McLean

Bill McLean Commenced Work September 2015

I actually passed my L test in 1988 with John Benson who at the time worked for BSM. I’ve known John since about 1986 when I worked part time for him as a mobile disc jockey. In May 2015 I was made redundant from a totally different role/industry and started training to become a driving instructor with Benson School of Motoring. John Benson taught me personally and with clear and concise instruction I was able to pass my ADI theory test and my Part 2 ADI practical test and start working as a trainee in just 10 weeks. I am looking forward to continued training and the excellent support from the Benson team as I have received this far.


ted tomlim

Ted Tomlin Commenced March 2001

I qualified as an instructor on 9th October 2000 with BSM at Brentwood.
The backup and work received from BSM was very little and after about 6 months I joined Benson School of Motoring. I was one of the first Benson instructors in the Southend area.

In 2004 I left Benson School of Motoring to start my own business but returned in 2009 where I remained working until recently to date.

On the 13th November 2015 and having reached the dizzy heights of 65, I’ve decided to retire and move to Cypress.

All through my time with John Benson he has been very understanding and helpful.

It’s a great company to work for and now today after stripping my teaching car of its signwriting and preparing to return it to Citroen I’ve a feeling of sadness leaving the company after so many years tinged with excitement for the future.

Thanks to all at BENSONS.


Ed Goodsell

Ed Goodsell Commenced work in June 2015

After being in numerous retail dead end jobs, I came across a Benson advert on the internet to become a driving instructor.

At that time only being in my mid 20s I thought it wouldn’t be possible, but After meeting with a trainer I found full support and fantastic training. Even when I found some of the training difficult, John Benson and the fantastic trainers helped hugely at every point.

I started working June 2015 and haven’t looked back. I now work 6 days a week, still with time to see family and friends and the support and amount of promotion and advertising put into the company by the owner still amazes me.

Thanks to everyone at team Benson, a great company to work for.


Elliott Green

Elliott Green Commenced work November 2015

Before I joined Benson School of Motoring I worked in the NHS for around 8 and a half years after leaving school but as I grew older I grew more tired of the same old same old thing and all the office politics that went with it. I was the youngest person in my work and my massive personality and mouth did not fit in with everybody anymore so I decided to look for something new and more suited to me. I saw a post on Facebook about becoming a driving instructor and thought to myself that would be a bit of me. I get to meet new people and have a huge interest in cars so it gave me the opportunity to teach something that I was passionate about. So I had a meeting with one of the trainers and they thought I was made of the right stuff and I started training me in March 2015. I got my head down trained hard and passed all of my exams first time and was fully qualified in under a year. Now I get up every morning not dreading going to work but eager to get going.


Rob Brown

Rob Brown Commenced work September 2015

I had wanted to become a driving instructor for a long time but had never done anything about it until seeing an advert from Benson School of Motoring. At the time I was working as a Learning Support Assistant at Tabor High senior school and for 4 years before that a house husband. After a conversation with Paul Beck I knew this was the time to go for it. I started my training with Paul and the team in February 2015 and just a year on I am a qualified and busy ADI. There is no doubt that the training I have received is first class and I can now pass that training on to my students.


Rob Binns

Rob Binns Commenced work April 2014

I started training with Benson School of Motoring in the summer of 2013 after spotting one of their staff trainers promoting the company at a local market. I was relatively fresh home from university and despite trying a few career paths had not settled on one that was right for me.
I have always had a major passion in cars and ever since learning to drive I had wondered if this could be the right job for me and I have to say that even since I started training, I’ve not looked back once. I now have a career that involves doing something I love and one I look forward to every day and that allows me a good income and to continue my passion with cars.
Once I started teaching I very quickly found my diary full with pupils. There is a very helpful office team only a phone call away and even John Benson himself helped me and has been very supportive when I needed it. In 2015 I suffered an illness that resulted in having to take 12 months off work. The company in-effect froze my contract and supported me all the way through and now in 2016 I am back at work with a new Mini Countryman tuition vehicle and I’m a very happy Benson driving instructor again.












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